Project: Brainhack

Integrating Cutting-Edge Technology with Neuroscience for Enhanced Neurological Treatments


Our vision is to lead in neurotechnological advancements, making cyber-neural integration a standard in therapeutic interventions. We aspire to create a future where neurological disorders are effectively managed through intelligent, accessible neurostimulation devices, enhancing the quality of life globally.


To transform neurological healthcare by integrating advanced cybernetics with neural systems, focusing on personalized neurostimulation therapies for neurological disorders. Our mission is to innovate in controlling neural behavior through pervasive intelligence and digital twin technologies.


Cloud-based software designed for medical professionals, offering advanced brainwave analysis and personalized treatment planning. It enables remote diagnosis and management of neurological conditions using sophisticated algorithms. The software also integrates with neurostimulation devices for precise treatment control, and its secure, cloud-based architecture ensures the privacy and safety of patient data.

  • Enhancing healthcare by providing advanced neurological diagnostic and treatment tools.

  • Improving medical training in neurotechnology, fostering better healthcare skills.

  • Advancing medical infrastructure with innovative neurostimulation and cloud-based solutions.

  • Making advanced neurological care accessible to all, reducing healthcare disparities.

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